About Guangdong Office

A gateway to do business with China’s largest province

The Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the United Kingdom represents Guangdong Province of China. It is responsible for the promotion of economic ties, trade and investment links with Britain on behalf the largest Chinese hubs of trade, manufacturing, and international investment.

The office is particularly in focused on:

  • Helping British companies interested in China market, especially Guangdong and Southern China
  • Promoting understanding on economic conditions, market environment, policy support, and business opportunities across the 21 cities and sub-regions of Guangdong
  • Encouraging and support Chinese (Guangdong) companies to invest and set up in the UK
  • Facilitating export of British products, services, technologies and expertise to Guangdong, China
  • Supporting and facilitating Guangdong’s economic partnerships with regions and trade organisations

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