Vice-Governor of Guangdong Province Visit to UK

The Guangdong Office received a flying visit on 29th November by the Mr HE Zhongyou, Vice-governor of China’s most prosperous Guangdong Province that is responsible for a quarter of international trade of the world largest trading nation.


Mr He was introduced here to the Thames Valley Chamber’s CEO Paul Britton by Dr. Kegang Wu, Chief Representative of the Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the UK.

Mr He was at the end of his European tour of France, Italy and Great Brittan to promote further economic cooperation with Guangdong Province which is increasingly a very important export market of 108 million population for British goods and services and the main source of Chinese investors active in the UK.  Chinese leading telecommunication companies from Guangdong like Huawei, ZTE, Hytera and TPLink have all invested in their UK HQ in Berkshire.


Mr He and the a government VIP delegation held discussions with Dr Wu who is also Managing Director of BCC LinkToChina on a number of initiatives both BCC LinkToChina and the Guangdong Office hope to launch in 2017 in supporting more Guangdong companies in the UK, international technology and innovation alliance, British design and Guangdong manufacturing, and British business delegations visiting Guangdong.

On Monday, Mr He chaired around table meeting with British companies interested in doing business with Guangdong and was impressed by strong interests expressed the companies. He said he is heading back to Guangdong with a deeper understanding on the huge opportunities for cooperation between the UK and Guangdong.






Launch of Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the UK

Press Release 02.July.2014


1406 Guangdong office launch Zhao and Guangdong Province delegation in Europe
Guangdong office launch Zhao and Guangdong Province delegation in Europe

Guangdong Economic and Trade Office is setup to represent the Guangdong Province in the UK and to promote, encourage and support the economic and trade exchange and cooperation between Guangdong and the UK. It will proactively support Guangdong companies doing business in the UK & Europe and British companies doing business in Guangdong and China.

Guangdong, or Canton, is the economic centre of Southern China. With its population at 104 million and GDP of $1 trillion, Guangdong leads Chinese regions in both market size and economic scale. It has been the largest province in successive decades.

In 2013 Guangdong reached a significant milestone: $1 trillion in GDP which makes up one-ninth of China’s total and $1 trillion in import and export, which accounts for one in four pounds of Chinese. Guangdong is the undisputed gateway of trading with China with its export amount to one in four pounds of Chinese export. A quarter of current British trade with China goes through Guangdong.

More and more Chinese companies from Guangdong are investing in the UK market. Leading technology companies like Huawei, ZTE, TPLink and Hytera have made Thames Valley and the areas around Heathrow — the Silicon Valley of Europe – home for their European HQ.

Establishment of official representation of Guangdong Province in the UK is to boost the ever expansion of trade and investment between the UK and Guangdong and South China. Guangdong is the economic driving force of Greater Pearl River Delta Region, which include Hong Kong and Macao.

In June 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang led a large business delegation visiting the UK and signed a historic £18 billion worth of agreements.

zhao yifang launched the Guangdong Office

Days after the visit of Li Keqiang, the Guangdong Economic and Trade Office was unveiled in Europe by Vice-governor of Guangdong People’s Government, Madam Zhao Yufang and a senior delegation from the Guangdong Government The announcement was made on 27th June 2014 by Vice Governor of Guangdong Government Ms Yifang Zhao at a seminar participated by more than 200 Guangdong and European businesses

Kegang Wu, Executive Director of BCC LinkToChina, will head up the Guangdong Office.