Vice-Governor of Guangdong Province Visit to UK

The Guangdong Office received a flying visit on 29th November by the Mr HE Zhongyou, Vice-governor of China’s most prosperous Guangdong Province that is responsible for a quarter of international trade of the world largest trading nation.


Mr He was introduced here to the Thames Valley Chamber’s CEO Paul Britton by Dr. Kegang Wu, Chief Representative of the Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the UK.

Mr He was at the end of his European tour of France, Italy and Great Brittan to promote further economic cooperation with Guangdong Province which is increasingly a very important export market of 108 million population for British goods and services and the main source of Chinese investors active in the UK.  Chinese leading telecommunication companies from Guangdong like Huawei, ZTE, Hytera and TPLink have all invested in their UK HQ in Berkshire.


Mr He and the a government VIP delegation held discussions with Dr Wu who is also Managing Director of BCC LinkToChina on a number of initiatives both BCC LinkToChina and the Guangdong Office hope to launch in 2017 in supporting more Guangdong companies in the UK, international technology and innovation alliance, British design and Guangdong manufacturing, and British business delegations visiting Guangdong.

On Monday, Mr He chaired around table meeting with British companies interested in doing business with Guangdong and was impressed by strong interests expressed the companies. He said he is heading back to Guangdong with a deeper understanding on the huge opportunities for cooperation between the UK and Guangdong.






China’s leading economic power house, Guangdong Province, warming up partnership with Thames Valley

(Reported by Business Voice, Jan/Feb 2016, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce)

The headline deals of £30 billion contracts signed between UK and China during the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his large business delegation in October are unprecedented in its scale. The sectors and regions across the UK involved are so wide ranging and projects so high profile that it feels that this may be a sign of long waited floodgate moment. Further deals have already come quick and fast since October. From ABP’s £1.7 bn London Royal Dock development in Newham to the NNL/CGN’s investment in the £24 bn Hinckley Point power station; from Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) £130 m to finance the ‘China Cluster’ in Manchester’s Airport City to the SinoForturen’s £2 bn investment in UK’s Orthios Eco Parks at Holyhead and Port Talbot. Two Chinese airlines have announced direct flights to Manchester since the visit, and in December, Chinese company CMC has agreed to invest $400 m in Manchester City Football Club. No wonder that both Britain and China declare now as the beginning of a golden era in the bilateral relationship.

Partnership with Guangdong Province

Guangdong is the biggest Chinese domestic regional market with 104 m population, one tenth of China’s GDP and a quarter of China import and export.

Closer partnership between BCC LinkToChina programme with the Guangdong Province in the last few years has led to the agreement for the Guangdong Economic & Trade Office to be co-located with LinkToChina in the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce in late 2014. During the year of 2015, Guangdong government and businesses are warming up to the opportunities in London – Thames Valley market which has received an increasing number of Guangdong delegations from the Provinces and the cities of Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Chaozhou and Shaoguan.

The Chairman of Guangdong Province chamber CCPIT Guangdong, Mr Chen Qiuyan, led a group of senior chamber officials to visit the UK in October, were in Thames Valley Berkshire and held talks with key partners to Guangdong. Mr Chen were impressed by what Thames Valley have to offer as a location for Guangdong investors and emphasised the province willingness to work with the Thames Valley in increasing the awareness about Thames Valley in Guangdong. On 19 October, a business delegation from the City of Foshan worked with Bracknell Forest Council to stage a seminar in Bracknell which was attended by over 40 local participants.

Chinese Investors from Guangdong

Chinese investors from Guangdong are well represented in the Thames Valley. The largest Chinese investors, Huawei Technologies (Reading Green Park), and others such as TPLink, Hytera Telecommunication UK Ltd have been doing well in Berkshire as well as those in London like Ping An Insurance and China Merchants Bank. In 2015 we welcome a new comer in ZTE (UK) Ltd to Slough. ZTE is a global player in telecommunication sector and the relocation of its UK headquarters to the Thames Valley region will be seen as a significance endorsement to Thames Valley as the ‘Silicon Valley’ in UK. Already ZTE has become a Chamber’s Business Alliance member and started to play an active part in the local business community. We have also witnessed the continuing expansion of Hytera in Segro’s Slough Trading Estate. There are a number of investors in the pipeline looking at setting up shops following the above examples.

Great opportunities in Thames Valley for Guangdong and vice versa

Arguably Guangdong is China’s capital of commerce and hub of the world’s manufacturing. There are thousands of Guangdong companies actively doing business with the UK and many of which have potential in working with Thames Valley. Mr Chen of Guangdong CCPIT believes that there is much room for growth in the region for Guangdong companies and urges Thames Valley to strengthen its promotion and marketing activities in Guangdong.

Guangdong has been chosen by the Chinese central government to set up Free Trade Areas in Cities of Guangzhou (Nansha), Shenzhen (Qianhai) and Zhuhai (Hengqin) which have been set up to pilot new policies (including lower tax bands) supporting the simplification of business set up and operation for overseas companies including British firms doing business in China. Many growing business sectors in Guangdong match well with those of sector strength in Thames Valley such as ICT, hi-tech engineering, automotive, education, etc. There are new opportunities in sectors undergoing further opening and reform such as finance, public services, health care and medicine, tourism, etc.

BCC LinkToChina and the Guangdong Office has announced that in 2016 the development will be supported by large business delegations from Guangdong to visit the Thames Valley, and vice versa a Thames Valley Trade Mission to Guangdong and Hong Kong plus Chinese investors event featuring case studies in additional to the regular programmes of activities. For further details please contact Dr Kegang Wu on 01753 870 571 or visit

  1601 Biz Voice Thames Valley

Business delegation from Foshan, Guangdong to visit the UK

A multi-sector group of business leaders from the Chinese City of Foshan (Guangdong), seeking trade and investment cooperation with the UK companies, is visiting the UK on 19 Oct 2015, the day before a state visit to the UK by the Chinese President Xi Jinping

The group ( 201510 Guangdong (Foshan) – Thames Valley (Bracknell) Foshan delegate details V4) is consist of 10 senior business leaders and managers from the following sectors:

manufacturers of electric appliances and lighting, FMCG
international trade services, real estate development,
media (film and TV) and tourism, and
building material.

Some companies are seeking for agents and distributors while others are open to investment opportunities in the UK. British companies interested in China market and or interested in any of the companies listed or the relevant sectors are encouraged to attend a free seminar hosted by BCC LinkToChina and Bracknell Forest Council.

Registration can be found from the BCC LinkToChina website

The Chinese Weekly : China – UK economic and trade to continue the recent rapid growth (in Chinese)

The UK-based has published a special feature interview in its cover story in the June issue, which covers an extensive interview on the economic conditions for overseas investment post UK election, the European referendum’s impact on Chinese investment into the UK, the impending state visit by the Chinese president Xi Jinping and how UK may benefit from China’s “One belt one road” global outreach strategy. Dr Kegang Wu, Chief Representative of the Guangdong Office, gives a positive interview.



保守党领导的联合政府采取了一系列财政紧缩和经济刺激政策, 英国得以逐渐走出经济危机的阴霾, 经济稳步发展, 就业状况有明显改善,其执政能力赢得大批选民信任. 舆论认为,卡梅伦的连任将有利于经济政策的延续. 在保守党的竞选纲领中, 经济政策是其中重要组成部分. 透明和健全的税收制度, 是吸引中国投资者到英国投资的因素之一.

经常为中英关系牵线搭桥的英国商会英中企业中心总裁吴克刚说, 这一利好政策无论对老百姓还是外来投资者而言, 都是一个定心丸。”保守党单独执政之后, 英国经济的自由度会更高.” 他说. 48家集团俱乐部主席斯蒂芬.佩里也赞同吴克刚的观点.


中英两国经济互补性强已经成为两国发展经贸关系的共识. 吴克刚说, 作为世界第二大经济体的中国和世界第五大经济体的英国, 中英两国的经贸发展还有很大的空间. 他也强调, 两国经贸的发展不应该仅仅着眼于大项目和大企业之间的合作, 也要看到两国中小企业之间交流的潜力. “中国的制造业在全世界都很有竞争力, 却很少能进入英国市场, 他们也很想到这个市场试一试水, 但是缺乏经验、人才和操作模式. 如果能借助英国企业的技术和物流, 是一个非常好的优势互补.”


吴克刚则认为, 外界对”脱欧公投”普遍存在误区. “大家都认为英国退出欧盟就是退出欧洲共同体市场, 其实不然. 英国即使退出欧盟, 也只是退出具有政治联盟性质的欧盟, 不参与其机构下的欧洲理事会、欧洲委员会、欧洲议会、欧洲法院等一系列政治机构, 而并不是退出打破欧洲各国之间贸崖易璧垒的欧洲共同体市场, – 即欧洲自贸区. 英国是欧洲共同体市场的创始国之一, 永远是欧洲共同体市场的成员之一。” 他进一步分析道, 从经济上看, 英国本身就是在欧元区之外, 英国对英镑有自主权;英国也在申根签证区之外, 有边境控制, 而在军事上, 即使退出欧盟, 英国依旧是北约主要成员国之一。 总体来说, 退出欧盟更多的是政治上, 比较少受到欧盟法律特别是欧洲人权法的约束, 这些都不会影响英国本身经济的发展. “英国从欧盟政治体系的一些限制中解放出来, 有可能更好地发挥英国在国际贸易投资上出名的市场自由、资本开放、用人灵活等优点. ” 吴克刚总结道, “英国退出欧盟对那些希望借助英国进入欧洲市场的中国企业的发展没有太大影响.”


吴克刚也认为,“一带一路”战略的实施, 无论是加强与这些地区的基础设施建设的合作, 还是加强消除贸易壁垒, 都免不了与一些其他国家的先进技术相结合, 其中就可能创造与英国合作的机会. 从另一方面来讲, 中国在实施“一带一路”战略时也会面临文化输出和文化保护的问题, 而英国在文化历史遗产保护上值得中国借鉴。“英国在对文化遗产进行保护的同时, 既兼顾了文化研究和环境保护, 又产生了经济效益, 这种产业经验和操作模式, 为中国在实施“一带一路”战略时和中国文化在全世界进行传播都有很好的参考价值.“

吴克刚对未来中英之间的经贸往来出现”大动作”充满信心, “英国近期不顾美国的反对加入亚投行就是最好的证明。”

《华闻周刊》采访全文: 201506 The Chinese Weekly cover story

Launch of Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the UK

Press Release 02.July.2014


1406 Guangdong office launch Zhao and Guangdong Province delegation in Europe
Guangdong office launch Zhao and Guangdong Province delegation in Europe

Guangdong Economic and Trade Office is setup to represent the Guangdong Province in the UK and to promote, encourage and support the economic and trade exchange and cooperation between Guangdong and the UK. It will proactively support Guangdong companies doing business in the UK & Europe and British companies doing business in Guangdong and China.

Guangdong, or Canton, is the economic centre of Southern China. With its population at 104 million and GDP of $1 trillion, Guangdong leads Chinese regions in both market size and economic scale. It has been the largest province in successive decades.

In 2013 Guangdong reached a significant milestone: $1 trillion in GDP which makes up one-ninth of China’s total and $1 trillion in import and export, which accounts for one in four pounds of Chinese. Guangdong is the undisputed gateway of trading with China with its export amount to one in four pounds of Chinese export. A quarter of current British trade with China goes through Guangdong.

More and more Chinese companies from Guangdong are investing in the UK market. Leading technology companies like Huawei, ZTE, TPLink and Hytera have made Thames Valley and the areas around Heathrow — the Silicon Valley of Europe – home for their European HQ.

Establishment of official representation of Guangdong Province in the UK is to boost the ever expansion of trade and investment between the UK and Guangdong and South China. Guangdong is the economic driving force of Greater Pearl River Delta Region, which include Hong Kong and Macao.

In June 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang led a large business delegation visiting the UK and signed a historic £18 billion worth of agreements.

zhao yifang launched the Guangdong Office

Days after the visit of Li Keqiang, the Guangdong Economic and Trade Office was unveiled in Europe by Vice-governor of Guangdong People’s Government, Madam Zhao Yufang and a senior delegation from the Guangdong Government The announcement was made on 27th June 2014 by Vice Governor of Guangdong Government Ms Yifang Zhao at a seminar participated by more than 200 Guangdong and European businesses

Kegang Wu, Executive Director of BCC LinkToChina, will head up the Guangdong Office.