About Guangdong

Guangdong Province, China

Located, next to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, on the coast of South China Sea, Guangdong, formerly known as Canton or Kwangtung in English, is the largest and most prosperous province in China.

Guangdong has been known as China ‘capital of commerce’ owning to its historical trading port city and the established business culture.

  • Guangdong produces 1 in 9 pounds of China’s GDP, 1 in 4 pounds of China’s export. The total import and export value is $1trillon in 2013
  • As the leading driver of China’s economic grow, the province is the national hubs of manufacturing of a wide range of sectors.
  • Home to the world famous Canton Fair – China Import and Export Commodity Fair which is held twice a year in April and October for 1200 stands and 200,000 buyers.
  • It has been a favorite destination for decades for overseas investment The most active source of Chinese investors in the UK such as Huawei, TPLink, ZTE, Hytera, and Pin An Insurance are from Guangdong.
  • Most of British Chinese are from Guangdong. Cantonese cuisine is synonymous to Chinese cuisine in the UK.
  • A population of 105 million people, its GDP is at $1 trillion in 2013, is similar to that of the Netherland or South Korea
  • Geographically it consist of 21 prefectures (cities), 121 counties, 1642 townships
  • The province has been in the forefront of Chinese open door reform and featured 3 of the 4 national Special Economic Zones – Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shantou – a large of number of high-tech, economic and industrial parks.
  • Guangdong actively encourages foreign investment. By the end of 2013, Guangdong had attracted 173,300 projects of direct foreign investment, valued US$ 500.28 billion in contractual value.

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